Albert Chubak

Candidate for MLA Saskatoon-Nutana

Albert was born and raised in Saskatoon. He is intimately aware of family challenges and external hardships.

Mr. Chubak has worked in the professional construction industry for most of his life. Created several small businesses, one growing internationally. His beekeeping company opened doors which allowed him to serve on several national and regional boards, served as a president twice for non-profit organizations, acted as a national delegate, served as a local and regional historian. He has written and published many articles with a focus of being non-bias toward multiple views. Being quite social he is able to work with farmers to those with PhD’s, from civic to national stages. He is able to quickly relate to anyone in any stage of life or challenge or with any degree of education.

Albert Chubak

Your choice for MLA in Saskatoon-Nutana

Albert’s Key Values

No Nuclear Energy

Saskatchewan is the breadbasket for Canada and the world, we need to protect it for future generations and the world. We do not have an issue with clean energy, the problem is only with how our energy is managed. Nuclear energy poses a serious threat to the environment. Even if it was deemed 95% safe, who would accept the 5% risk in our back yards?

No Privatization to Saskatchewan Healthcare.

Our healthcare is the envy of the world as it stands. Privatizing it will raise costs substantially. Improvements can be made but privatizing is not one of them.

Small Business Incubators

We need to help and nurture our own to develop successful businesses. We need more affordable locations for small business to operate and grow. Saskatchewan residents should be encouraged to develop and compete with national and international companies.

Covid19 Relief

Saskatchewan has withstood the pandemic amazingly well. Now is time to get back to work, school, and to rebuilding lost businesses, jobs, and depleted savings.

Service and MLA

While in office I will serve and meet those in the Nutana Saskatoon riding. Service includes working with gloves, brush, hammer, and an open heart. School volunteering, visiting shut-ins and those in hospitals, giving awards of recognition, finding amazing acts of kindness in the community and sharing them.

20% Back to Nutana

20% of my MLA salary will be returned to Nutana residents and businesses monthly. Portions of this gift will be shared among many. Each month this will be announced and people, athletes, musicians, children, businesses and neighbourhoods will receive help from their MLA in Saskatoon Nutana.

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