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An MLA in Saskatchewan makes about $100,068 a year, yet some make significantly more depending on their duties. Others may have other jobs and interests besides serving as an MLA. (

As a candidate for the Saskatoon Nutana MLA a decision was made to donate 20% of the base MLA salary if elected to various causes and needs within the Nutana constituency. $50 to $100 gifts will be given out monthly, with some gifts being larger depending on the needs. This will add up to about $2000 a month in an area with 11,362 residences. At a gift rate of $50, 40 people per month will benefit, with almost 2000 people during the 4 year term cycle. Over the course of two terms, about 4000 people would benefit, or 1/3 of the residences of Nutana. It adds up to almost a $100,000 over a 4 year term.

What causes and needs would qualify and who could benefit?

Any significant need submitted by email or by regular post will be considered. Depending on the demand, a volunteer committee will be chosen to select individuals or businesses in the Nutana area. Lemonade stands with entrepreneur hearts, to musical and athletically minded people of all ages, to elderly with needs, students with needs unable to be met, to homes with challenges, even businesses with an obvious challenge. The amounts will not be set to a specific amount, but may be $25 and up.

It is not intended to be regular support only as gifts to help different people monthly in a little way where the MLA in Nutana understands and is willing to give back.

In some cases, others may be brought in to additionally donate towards a greater cause. It is essential for an MLA to understand the needs of those being represented. This will ensure, if elected, MLA eyes will always be watchful on what is going on, or feeling the pulse in Nutana.

Donations for the campaign to elect Albert Chubak Nutana MLA are to be submitted to the business manager for the candidate, Dave Abby at

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Wow how commendable! It’s refreshing to see a Politician coming to the needs of its constituents, and helping the greater need. I do hope you are elected so that the residents in this area can see and be a recipient of all of your good works! Thank you Albert Chubak for running in this election with sincerity and integrity! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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