Protecting Our Streets

Saskatoon’s 8th Street Nutana area just had its 3rd stabbing this year! There are children who are homeless and living down by the river and anywhere they can. Let me repeat, CHILDREN who are homeless and are just trying to survive.

Scott Moe and the Sask Party are giving a $150 tax credit to families with children in athletic activities. Let’s get to the real issues and don’t continue to patronize the residents with a “rich persons” problem of the high costs of having your children in sports activities. That is really messed up!

How are you helping to protect our streets? What tax credit can you give to the homeless kids struggling for daily survival? There are many children in Saskatoon living along our beautiful river. Can you comprehend from a child’s perspective of how scary the world must be? What about the rising taxes and the older residents and shut-ins with limited incomes? Small businesses were just annihilated during the Covid19 shutdown and many had to close permanently. The loss of their business was their life, their savings, with their endless efforts to help grow the economy and now what is to happen to them?

Our politicians clearly need new eyes and someone with compassion instead of voting for a raise, like they just did. I promise 20% of my MLA salary will go back to those who need, here and now.

Making a change does not happen by doing the same as was done before! Change starts here and now for Nutana, October 26. Go vote!

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This was going to be my main focus if I was elected, but this clearly didn’t occur. May I ask what you would like to know more about? How many kids are on the street? How many die yearly? Why they are there and not in care homes? Why they choose the street and not somewhere else? What the gov’t has done to solve this issue? Do service workers know about these kids? Why is not more done to help them?

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