Elections – Who are they for, the people or the candidate?

Elections mean the most to younger people as they have a future to consider…comprising yet many decades.
The toughest thing I have seen this election is a MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) works for their party to achieve what the party wants and NOT for the constituents. It may be the party goals and the politician see exactly the same way…I really doubt this.

I am running for the Saskatchewan Green Party but I have many things I personally want to see addressed or corrected that are outside of my political party’s focus, that is okay. It shows I am thinking about the community around me and not just what the leaders say is important. I have learned what politicians tell you is important is important to their leader and so they agree. It is ironic I say this as I too am following a platform laid out by the party leader. The part that is important, I have my own issues I have seen and heard about in my area that needs help.

How can a MLA show their constituents they are working for them and not entirely for the party or lobbyists? It would be insightful to open the bank deposits of all elected officials to see what money they are getting and from whom? It has to be a wonder for some how elected officials are retiring with immense fortunes acquired since being elected to office. Another great yardstick would be for an MLA once elected to be required to show to their constituents what they have done for their area. Not the province as a whole but the specific area. Another would be to know what individual goals for the area a MLA has, or is their focus just to follow the provincial leader? One more, be accountable to ALL the people and businesses in their area, not just the wealthier ones with influence.

As always people are concerned about their jobs, their savings, social insurance, their health, their homes, their education, their future, that is a given always.

Giving a tiny tax credit here or there accounts for little. Abandoning the STC (provincial bus system) was huge and devastating to many seniors, small towns, young people, those without transportation, and shipping services for businesses to name a few. The STC was chopped so fast and still the party in power thinks many didn’t notice! How about the personal RV being stored in the abandoned fenced in new Bus Terminal in Regina? Who is benefiting from that?

One person said about children living on the streets, “some kids prefer it”! Should kids really be making that kind of decision? Putting them into school doesn’t solve how they are going to eat or sleep or be safe and warm. There needs to be more for those kids now so they are not huge issues later. In other areas I have lived isolated ranches exist where kids can be cared for, taught, and learn away from social threats. Just a thought.

Business incubators are vital and so are places for these young businesses to expand and grow. There are so many places in Saskatoon with lease signs or are levelled lots waiting for construction yet the capital needed to acquire them are out of reach for a new business. There are low income housing for seniors and families, why not a low income business locations where businesses can grow from?

Why isn’t there more places for locals to spend their money in recreational activities here locally in the city? Having hotels, bars, and restaurants is one thing but our youth, residents, and visitors need more, lots more.

These are concerns and even if not elected will continue to focus on. Really! My focus isn’t just for politics, it is because it is needed.