What Do I Believe?

Since throwing the rodeo hat into the MLA-Nutana ring, some have asked “what do you believe”. This may not be the right question to be asking. As an elected politician it is their job to do as their constituents want, not serve their own interests. Personal beliefs of the MLA have little to do with what those in Nutana need to know. Being elected should eliminate individual desires and even own needs as they are replaced by the needs of those being represented. Your concerns will remain a top priority and will get responses on how it is progressing.

Sadly EVERYONE says the same, “What has an MLA ever done for me…nothing, not one thing I can think of”. No one has come up with a single item in countless discussions. That is about to change!

In other organizations my volunteer service was aimed at increasing attendees or membership, stimulating activity, creating better events, balancing budgets, creating a great organization, however this is not the case here as all the constituents in this area already exist and only want someone to fight for their needs. It is not an MLA’s job to tell constituents what they need, but can list options. One household may have issues with employment, another may be struggling as a small business owner, another may be retired needing additional funds for a variety of reasons, many are looking for Covid19 relief, the list continues. Many needs exist and countless politicians continue to tell their area this is what is important for them as their party sees it. Albert Chubak is not that politician.

Once elected view your MLA as your servant, friend and neighbour with a home in this political area. As a personal statement, “I’ll work in my office, in the Provincial capital, and the streets and homes of Nutana for those of this area. My cell number is 306-361-6655. I want to hear from those in this area, share what you need me to fight for, hear your concerns, even what you liked and why?” The MLA for Nutana should not focus not across the river, nor the north end industrial area, not downtown…it is here from the river on the west to the University bridge, to Clarence on east then winding south to Taylor, west to Adelaide then on Lorne to the city limits back to the river by Diefenbaker park. Everything and anything that is important to those in this area is important to this future MLA of Nutana.

The MLA Nutana office will be open daily with a WELCOME sign for those to enter. Come visit or to share challenges, both are welcome. While in the office, there will be things to see, read, laugh over and get angry about. History of Nutana to issues on the board that are being worked on. In addition, the homes and businesses in Nutana will get visits seeking out what needs to be done to make this area better. What a politician does is work out the details of what is asked of them. There will be give-and-take as that is politics. What should not be in politics is promises that are made in gaining a vote only to be ignored after the tallies are in.

In considering this new undertaking issues facing Nutanaians including financial hardships will be personally addressed by taking 20% off of what an MLA receives for a base salary and will be committed it back to Nutana monthly! It may go to organizations, struggling businesses, people, athletes, artists, children, or those with special needs, in hope it finds a more needed place than just in the elected MLA’s pocket. This will continue for the entire time while in elected office for Nutana. Those in the area who feel a need is being overlooked, they can write an email or letter and it will be considered for this monthly gift. Send modest requests to These requests can be for others whom are struggling in the Nutana area.