Election Election

Political Comedy

Why Vote for MLA … modern political comedy.

Many have been asked point blank, “Why vote for a candidate in the MLA election?” and “Has the MLA ever done anything for you that you are aware of?”  

These two questions go hand in hand. The public has become complacent in this type of election as a flashing question goes unanswered, “WHY?”  

Personally, in researching Saskatoon Nutana MLA, nothing has been done for Nutana residents. Some social activities have been created for other areas of the province but a huge blank white noise screen shows for Nutana. 

Each politician knocks doors invading personal time for their benefit informing the aroused tenant this is what they should do for the candidate. The sign of a truly talented politician is to stimulate the electorate into action where they think it is for their good when it is completely opposite. LOL

This election in Nutana presented initially two candidates, one who has been employed by the oil and gas sector (corporations), the other has done little if anything to qualify if possible for being an MLA. Did the party in power just surrender the seat to the opposition?  Why?  

The corporate sponsors have enabled the larger than life billboards, massive flyers, controlled the debates and the list goes on. Do you trust the provincial corporations?  They appear to be running the show and it isn’t a comedy. 

A new candidate entered the laugh-less contest in Saskatoon Nutana. Albert Chubak. A self proclaimed capitalist, businessman, entrepreneur, international speaker and writer…with a personal conviction of helping those in the community as well as the environment, including tiny insect pollinators.

Everything needs a balance. Once politicians in the province of Saskatchewan fought for the most centre position.  Those days have changed. Now a strong opposition is needed to regain balance for all, away from billion dollar corporations controlling what you see and hear.  

Do you trust those funded by powerful corporations?  

There is a laughable aspect of this election recently witnessed, have constituents pay for a membership into a political party.  Then…wait for it…do nothing for them. 

I took this photo of a resting bumble bee two weeks ago while walking along the river. I had to stop and encourage it to vote…wait, yah the ecosystem can’t do that.