Why Am I Running For MLA?

Let me be clear, I am not running for MLA of Nutana in Saskatoon because of my corporate affiliations as I have none in Saskatchewan. I have not ran on any boards or committees in any capacity in Canada, not one.

I am here to represent the people, that is my goal.

Now to also be clear, I have served on many boards and committees in the United States, even though this is my home. I bring new eyes to the table.

I always hoped to return home. Last December I returned to help family. Since returning I have hauled off over 30,000lbs of metal to recycling, dumped 150 cubic yards of trash, and have hauled about 8 tons of paper to Sarcan.

I know what it is like for struggling families financially very intimately.

No silver spoon has ever been a part of my upbringing.

I know what it is like to have close family members addicted to chemicals and how to help them as I have done it.

I have been in those trenches, I have fought for those that I love.

I know divorce intimately and loved raising my children and would fight to hell’s gates for them.

I was the first in my family to attend university, first to serve a religious mission, first to achieve a national level in sports, and yet last in my family to be born.

I created an international product from scratch, fought big business and later was asked to write for them! And even though I am now away from the US, I still write for them. Created and successfully patented a product. Have been involved with import and export for many years.

I know what it is like to loose a father at a young age and feel like you are getting the scraps out of the slop bucket.

I understand illness as my family has a genetic disease that mutates to cancer. I understand family loss because of it. At 13 I held my once large framed father’s hand as he passed away.

I create friends everywhere I go because I care and can relate to almost everyone. I do not push my beliefs on others but will fight those who force me to just follow.

I am NOT a follower but a doer on ALL levels.

My “I’s” in this post are numerous but they now are for you the constituents of my area.

Who do you want fighting for you? A boy from the west side who didn’t care where he lived or what he was told he could or couldn’t do.
You can do anything you want enough, I can say that from experience.

My campaign has no corporate sponsors, no external funding, yet I am here to win.

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